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Ultimate Kickstand pocket-sized smartphone tripod goes with you wherever you go » Gadget Flow

Compact and easy to use, the Ultimate Kickstand pocket-sized smartphone tripod has a foldable design to go with you everywhere. To capture the perfect group photo, simply unfold it and set up the tripod so you don’t have to take a selfie. And use it as a stand to watch videos or movies at exactly the angle that you want. The Ultimate Kickstand holds your smartphone to free your hands, so you can enjoy whatever you’re reading or watching wherever you are. It attaches to a keychain, so you always have it with you. In addition to being foldable, this pocket-sized smartphone tripod adjusts to fit a variety of devices. Plus, you can also tilt, swivel, and position your device just as you need. The durable and stable base keeps your device safe and secure.

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