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Make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable when you have knives that give you a proper cut. It’s possible with this new knife sharpener. It sharpens any knife, no matter its angle. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this cool kitchen gadget.

If you’re a cooking professional or enthusiast, you know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply when it comes to knife sharpeners. That’s because knives have different angles ranging from 21 to 13 degrees. The trouble is, the typical knife sharpener is set at one angle. So if you’re trying to sharpen an 18-degree knife in a 21-degree sharpener, it’s just not going to work. And that’s where the Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener comes in. This new knife sharpener has its own gauge that measures the exact angle of your blade. You can then sharpen it on the proper ceramic wheel or diamond wheel. Or you can put a new edge on it with one of the three tungsten carbide rods.

The Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener is the kitchen gadget you want to have in your utensil drawer. It’s the ultimate version of your typical knife sharpener because instead of just sharpening one angle, it’s suitable for every knife in your block. The angle gauge measures your knife blade so you can determine which of the ceramic wheels, diamond wheels, and tungsten carbide rods you need to use.

The angle gauge tells you the exact angle of your knife

Different knives have different angles. The Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener’s website gives the example of German knives, which tend to be from 18 to 21 degrees and Japanese knives that are usually 13 to 16 degrees. The angle gauge that comes with this knife sharpener takes the guesswork out of determining your knife’s angle. Simply line your knife up to the straight edge of the angle openings on the gauge. If your knife goes into the hole beneath the angle, you know that your knife is not that angle. It’s an accurate, smart kitchen gadget that helps you sharpen your knife to just the right angle.

Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener in a video

The ceramic wheels help you hone your knives

You know you should keep your knives sharp, but what does honing do? According to the company’s website, honing is the process of straightening a blade edge without removing any metal. This knife sharpener actually comes with three honing wheels, one for knives of 13 to 15 degrees, another for knives of 16 to 18 degrees, and a third for blades of 19 to 21 degrees. The honing wheels are color-coded to match the angles on the angle gauge.

The diamond wheels on this blade sharpener give you that sharp edge

Like the honing wheels, the diamond wheels on the Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener also correspond in color to the angles on the angle gauge. And again, there are three of them. The company’s website says that these wheels remove any metal burrs and straightens the edge of your knife. Just measure your knife angle, place your knife in the correct wheel, and pull the knife back about five to seven times. After that, you’ll have a sharp knife you can trust to cut properly.

The tungsten rods reveal a brand new edge on your knife

Do you have a super-dull knife that you haven’t sharpened in ages? Maybe the edge even has a nick or two? For those situations when you want to add a completely new edge to your knives, this knife sharpener has three tungsten rods. They are extremely effective and remove a layer of metal off your knife, giving you a brand new blade. Just like the ceramic and diamond wheels, there are also three tungsten rods that correspond to the colors of your knife’s angle size. Just determine your knife’s angle, place it in the correct slot, and pull the knife back five to seven times. That’s all it takes to put a new, razor-sharp edge on worn knives.

This manual knife sharpener keeps you safe while cooking

Dull knives lead to more kitchen accidents. That’s because, with a dull knife, you need to make more cuts to get the same results as you would from one that’s razer-sharp. And a sharp knife also cuts more cleanly and reduces your chances of slips while cutting. So to keep your fingers safe while you’re chopping up those fine herbs and deboning a chicken, you want to be sure your knives are always in top condition. And the Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener is a great tool for the job.

Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener is the ultimate knife sharpener. It has a handy, easy-to-use angle gauge that helps you determine the angle of any knife. It also comes with honing wheels, diamond wheels, and tungsten rolls to give you the ideal knife edges, depending on your needs. So it really is a four-in-one gadget. If you’re a pro cook or are just big-time into cooking, this is what your cooking gadget collection has been missing.

The Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener costs $79, and you can buy it on the company’s website. Do you like to cook? What are your favorite knives to use? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments.

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