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Sony FX3 Cinema Line full-frame camera combines mobility & operability for solo shooting » Gadget Flow

In a compact size, the Sony FX3 Cinema Line full-frame camera can do so much. In fact, it offers both the mobility and operability that you need for solo shooting. With a high frame rate, it can shoot at up to 120 fps at 4K. Providing a full-frame bokeh effect, this Cinema Line camera truly lets you express your perspective. Furthermore, it offers 15+ stops wide dynamic range as well as S-Cinetone for an even more cinematic look. Even in low light conditions, it provides low noise at high sensitivities. Furthermore, the Sony FX3 Cinema Line boasts up to ISO 409600. Even with all these capabilities, it weighs only 715 grams and comes with an XLR handle to provide stable, comfortable use. Finally, even when you’re shooting in handheld mode, it offers Active Mode image stabilization.

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