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SensorsCall CareAlert well-being monitor lets you know your loved ones are safe » Gadget Flow

If you worry about your older parent, the SensorsCall CareAlert well-being monitor will give you peace of mind that they’re safe. This home gadget plugs into a socket and works immediately, allowing you to communicate with loved ones while detecting any potential problems. Equipped with learning sensors, it can detect motion, sound, temperature, air quality, and more. And it also offers hands-free communication, so you can use it as an intercom to talk to loved ones. Use this feature when they don’t answer their phone and you worry about their whereabouts. This well-being monitor also sends you a notification when it detects environmental abnormalities. Additionally, you can set voice reminders for medications and appointments. No matter how you use it, CareAlert gives you peace of mind and 24/7 monitoring.

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