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Samsung The Serif QLED Smart TV features a detachable easel stand for movability » Gadget Flow

Place the Samsung The Serif QLED Smart TV anywhere in the room or house, thanks to its detachable stand. It comes with a luxurious easel stand that pairs perfectly with its stylish frame. Moreover, it utilizes Tap View technology. This lets you can mirror the content from your mobile phone onto the TV screen with a single tap. Or opt for the Multi View mode to present multiple types of content simultaneously. Crafted with a 360-degree all-around design, you can enjoy the Samsung The Serif from all angles of the room. And even when you’re not using this TV, it has an elegance about it that will decorate any space. In fact, when not in use, elevate your space by displaying artwork, the weather, today’s headlines, and more. Overall, it’s a charismatic TV that’s fit for small apartments and navigating around your home.

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