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Samsung Flip 2 Display 2021 replaces paper flipcharts with a digital design » Gadget Flow

Upgrade your working environment with the Samsung Flip 2 Display interactive, touchscreen digital display. It’s a smart replacement to paper flipcharts and messy whiteboards by offering an interactive display that lets you jot down notes and present ideas with ease. In fact, the Samsung Flip 2 allows teams to collaborate more efficiently as well as brainstorm ideas without dealing with paper. Moreover, it’s available in two sizes: 55″ and 65″. Therefore, you can use the interactive, touchscreen digital display in small conference spaces and classrooms. Or opt for a wall-mounted design that’s best suited for large conference rooms or classrooms. Either way, both models provide a smooth and paper-like material. This makes it ideal for drawing or jotting notes. And up to four people can write simultaneously, making it great for teamwork purposes. Simply erase your creations with a finger or palm swipe. It’s a convenient and useful gadget for a professional setting.

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