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RØDE Wireless GO II dual wireless mic system has two transmitters » Gadget Flow

Take your microphone setup to the next level with the RØDE Wireless GO II dual wireless mic system. This gadget boasts a compact design as well as a versatile setup. But that’s not all. In fact, this truly wireless microphone has a dual-channel receiver and two transmitters that act as a clip-on microphone. This gives you a high-quality, built-in mic that you operate wirelessly. Providing crystal-clear audio, the RØDE Wireless GO II works great for all situations, and it also works with any type of computer, camera, or mobile device. Offering an incredible range of 200 meters, it delivers great transmission stability and has onboard recording capabilities, too. Use it to record two sound sources at once and enjoy the 24 hours of internal memory. Its rechargeable battery provides up to seven hours of life, giving you plenty of time to capture what you need.

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