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Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener provides the right fit for every knife » Gadget Flow

The Rhineland Angle Pro Blade Sharpener comes with a stainless steel angle gauge. This lets you measure the exact angle of your blade so you get just the right fit. And this patent-pending design is unlike other knife sharpeners, ensuring that you can sharpen like a pro. You might think this is overkill, but it’s not. Knife blades range from 21º to 13º, and, if you use a fixed-angle sharpener at a different angle than your knife, you won’t get a proper sharpening experience. With three ceramic wheels for honing and straightening your blade, it also has three diamond wheels for sharpening your blade. Furthermore, its three tungsten carbide rods let you put a new edge on your blade. What’s more, it’s truly a three-in-one gadget that hones, sharpens, and re-edges your knives.

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