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Respira smart air-purifying garden allows you to connect with nature at home » Gadget Flow

If you love surrounding yourself with nature, the Respira smart air-purifying garden is the new smart home accessory you need. This smart garden purifies the air in your home using the power of nature through a process known as biofiltration. Beyond air purification, this system also adds additional humidity, evaporative cooling, and a direct connection to nature to help create a healthier home for you and your family. Using a reusable pre-filter, Respira traps dust and large particulate matter before circulating the air through the roots of the plants to remove volatile organic compounds. It then returns fresh, clean air to your space. Respira is able to water itself and feed itself key nutrients. All that’s required from you is water every 10–14 days and fill nutrients every 6 months. You can even connect this smart air-purifying garden to your home network and manage the system via your mobile device.

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