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Ready or Not family board game prepares you for emergency situations » Gadget Flow

With the Ready or Not family board game, you not only have fun but also learn how to make your world a little safer. This rare game is super enjoyable for anyone ages 8 and older, and it suits 2–10 players. Taking anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to play, this family board game can impart some useful knowledge. If you found that you weren’t 100% prepared for a global pandemic, this is the game for you. In fact, you’ll learn about what to do in situations like a home fire, flood, snake bite, tornado, and more. Ensure everyone knows how to use a fire extinguisher, turn off utilities in your home, and respond to earthquakes. So make your family, your home, and your world a little safer by answering trivia questions, brainstorming scenarios, and having fun!

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