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MOAK Studio Volé Interactive Lamp operates in response to the wind » Gadget Flow

The MOAK Studio Volé Interactive Lamp is a true participant in the natural world. Viewing wind as nature’s engine, the creators made this interactive lamp turn on and off its dim light in response to a gust of wind. Generating a calming, warm, ambient glow, the MOAK Studio Volé looks somewhat like a windmill with its gently sloping conical shape. Moreover, the two pieces on top rotate in a circle like a pinwheel. Of course, you’re likely to use this unique lamp indoors—perhaps in a nursery or home office. And there isn’t wind inside your home. However, you can simply blow on the pinwheel or wave your hand to turn the light on and off. Exploring the abilities of movement, this concept lamp is a gorgeous home accessory.

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