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ILY-Ai 3-wheeled electric scooter rethinks mobility with wood » Gadget Flow

You can use the Mikiya Kobayashi ILY-Ai three-wheeled electric scooter indoors and outdoors thanks to its wood material. Therefore, you can use this scooter for visiting your friends or getting around a large indoor space. In particular, the wood adds a warm and cozy feel to the product. Not to mention that the natural timber retains an organic shape and feel. In fact, the combination of chestnut wood and aluminum provides a smooth and comfortable ride along with excellent durability. Therefore, anyone can use this three-wheeled electric scooter—including those with mobility issues. Plus, the padded leather seat provides a distinctive appearance and hours of comfort. Overall, this three-wheeled electric scooter is a fun transportation method that has a nostalgic, toy-like feel to take you back to childhood.

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