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How to Find an Old Friend on the Internet

We can’t pick our families, but we do pick our friends. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose touch with them. We may have gone in different directions in our lives, and that means losing touch no matter how well intentioned both parties may be. We may have lost all contact information, and have no idea how to find someone again. In any case, you can always use your Internet connection to see if you can find them online.

You should always think about what you know about your friend. If you only know their name at this point, that is okay. However, if you know where they may be living, how old they are, or any other things that can help a search engine, you may have much better luck, or at the very least, a way to get more information that can further your search.

Try to enter a name into the search engine. You should try to add any other information that you may have. You can try to search for Jerry Smith, New York if you know he lives in New York State. If you just have the person’s name and can not be sure that other things you knew about them are still current, search the name only. Use forms like “Sandy Jones” and Sandy+Jones rather than just Sandy Jones for more precise listings and matches.

You may also want to search through places where people tend to hang out, at least in an abstract way. Some of the more popular places for this these days are social networks like Facebook and MySpace, and also gaining in popularity are professional networks like LinkedIn and Orkut. You can search through any and all of these sites (and the many others) to see if you can find a profile for your old friend.

If you happen to have an old phone number, whether landline or cellular, you can try a reverse phone number lookup service. You can enter that number to see if someone still uses it or not. Some of these sites also have a forward search that may bring up a current number for your friend.

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