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FuroSystems Aventa lightweight eBike provides an elegant fun ride, day and night » Gadget Flow

Use the FuroSystems Aventa lightweight eBike day and night. You’ll love its high-powered motor that provides up to 500 W during acceleration and hill climbs. It’s equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to improve your safety and provide excellent stopping power when you need it. And, with nine Shimano gears, it ensures you remain in full control of your every move. In fact, you can easily switch between the power modes at the push of a button. Furthermore, this lightweight eBike has a 60 km range and 25 km/h top speed, making it a great alternative to driving to work. Additionally, it takes a maximum of 7 hours to charge, depending on the model you pick. This means that you can charge the eBike while you sleep. Once it’s recharged, it can power your journey to work, the shops, or meeting friends.

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