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Electro Magnetic Fields and the Human Bio-System

Are we hurting our Human Bio-Systems with too many electronic gadgets around us? Cell phones, microwave ovens, radios, satellite TV, computers, WiFi, WiMax, radar detectors, automatic door openers, iPods, burglar alarms and electrical appliances are everywhere and all around us. And that is not all as we have Airports with radar, high-tension power lines and microwave repeaters.

All this technology is scrambling our natural evolution some may actually increase our cognitive abilities by hyper charging our brains, while the rest is really not very good for us at all. How bad is the problem? Well we seem to all still be here right? Although some types of cancer are on the rise and thus this frequency pollution is affecting our electro-magnetic fields and our human bio-systems.

Does this mean those of use who are into high-tech gadgets are hurting the world? Does this mean we should not promote more technology such as robotics, net-centric cars and better communication devices with future human interface capabilities? Well probably we should pay attention to what we are doing however we must also look at the benefits as well.

Personally I see benefits in having assistance from robotics, so people do not have to work in factories and can enjoy their time thinking and enjoying life. Most of us have been able to overcome distractions of technology such as cell phones or high tension power lines, although they do affect us a little whether we choose to address the issue or not.

Additionally I concur with Plato’s ideas that indeed people should do what they are best at, and be alleviated from that which they are not and when they are, “We” are all the better for it. So if we can use these tools to make human life easier we may find that the benefits and removal of stress in our life will be better for us in the long run than any detriment from the frequency pollution we create.

One most also consider that in the future we can use those energy fields too, as it is energy, so use it and convert it. I also believe we can cancel out negative frequency.

Also as human civilizations address these higher frequency ranges we should note that we can co-exist with technology using the higher frequency ranges without hurting our Bio-systems VLFs, ELFs and ULFs. For instance although they do affect human behavior somewhat we all experience solar flares, cosmic radiation, Earth Frequencies and we seem to be doing okay so far.

The human bio-system can work without worry and it can actually take a whole lot of energy. Some believe it adversely affects human life in our world and has made everyone stupid and as an example they point to the French Riots? But the French are always up to something, so indeed, that is not proof positive either and so the debate goes on. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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