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Dense Home all-in-one hi-fi audio system combines all your audio gadgets in one » Gadget Flow

The Dense Home all-in-one hi-fi audio system has a compact, modern design. It’s not like those other bulky black boxes because its solid Corian top and seamless aluminum body give it a look worth showing off in your living room. In fact, you can choose between two colors of the top—Limestone White and Rock Black—depending on your aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, this all-in-one hi-fi audio system switches the input and output when you lightly tap it on the top. Use it as a stereo amplifier, headphone amplifier, USB audio DAC, HDMI receiver, and Bluetooth receiver. Fully compatible with many analog and digital devices, it connects to smartphones, computers, TVs, mp3 players, turntables, and more. Just like smart speakers, Dense Home can connect to power and stay on all day long with ultra-low standby power consumption. It detects the status and automatically wakes up or goes to low-power mode without your control.

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