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ChameleBoard digital board game will combine all your games in one spot » Gadget Flow

The ChameleBoard digital board game lets you design games to share with the Chameleboard community. Download games you want to play from the community, too. With magnetically connecting boards, it works in three interconnecting sizes with one, two, or four panels. Play games by yourself, with people in person, or with friends online. Choose to use the on-screen game pieces or real physical ones. Simply stop whenever you want by saving your last playing position. Easy to carry, this digital board game ensures you won’t lose pieces. Even print your own or create your own game cards. Say goodbye to plastic waste by playing all your board games on a single board, and use just one cable to charge them all. With a screen as clear as paper even in outdoor light, this gadget is fun for the whole family—even if you have kids who love screen time.

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