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AlderedDesign Wood Nintendo Switch Dock Extender works in TV or portable mode » Gadget Flow

A sophisticated accessory for your gaming gadget, the AlderedDesign Wood Nintendo Switch Dock Extender offers convenience. It’ll hold your Switch in both TV and portable modes, and it also works as a charging stand. Handmade by the creator, this dock comes with a built-in USB-C extender to connect it to the official Nintendo dock. This lets you use it for both charging and video output to a television. Moreover, you can use this handmade Switch dock as a charging station for the Switch Lite. That’s because the AC adapter can plug right into the USB-C extender. With a crisp, modern, and tapered design, it has holes that let the Switch’s rear vents breathe. What’s more, it consists of solid walnut lumber, and it has rubber to stop it from scratching your Switch or surfaces. This Wood Nintendo Switch Dock Extender is a great accessory for any room.

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