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10 Reasons why the Framework Laptop is your dream machine » Gadget Flow

Framework’s upcoming laptop is an environmentally-friendly device that lets you switch and upgrade the components to customize it. Check out today’s blog to see why you need to buy the Framework Laptop.

Framework, a hardware startup company, has announced its first product: the Framework Laptop. This 13.5-inch notebook comes with numerous modular parts that lets you fix or upgrade components. This allows you to continue using the device perpetually.

Let’s explore the top reasons why you need the Framework Laptop in your life (even if you’re clueless on fixing devices).

Framework Laptop with separate components

1. Pre-configured with Windows 10 Home or Pro

The Framework Laptop will arrive to you with Windows 10 or Pro already installed. Alternatively, opt for the Framework DIY Edition where you can customize and build the kit yourself with a choice of your own operating system.

2. Configure the ports on the side of the laptop

The Framework Laptop comes with an Expansive Card system, so you can swap out any ports on the side of the laptop. Play around with USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, microSD, fast 250 GB / 1 TB expansion cards, headphone amp, and more ports.

3. Upgrade the mainboard

You can swap out the mainboard that houses the processor for a newer, faster processor. Since one of the main reasons people choose to upgrade their laptop is due to a processor upgrade, this is a major triumph.

4. Upgradable to 64 GB RAM

If your laptop uses change and you need a device with larger RAM, the Framework Laptop lets you easily make this upgrade when life calls for it.

5. Upgrade to 4 TB SSD

Likewise, upgrade the device’s SSD up to 4 TB. With easy-to-navigate slots, making this change isn’t finicky.

Framework Laptop on a table

6. Generous 55 Wh battery for long working hours

Don’t allow a limited battery to determine when you stop working or gaming. This device features a generous 55 Wh battery. (To put this into perspective, a MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop has a 58.2 Wh battery that provides around 17 hours of wireless web searching).

7. 1.5 mm travel keyboard

With this specification, you won’t have to press down hard onto the keyboard, making it ideal for avid daily typists.

8. 2.87-pound aluminum chassis

The heavier the laptop, is less portable it’ll be. Fortunately, the Framework Laptop isn’t bulky, allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go. Not to mention that the aluminum chassis makes it incredibly resilient to scratches and scuffs.

9. 1080p 60 fps webcam

Conduct video conference calls with a high-quality webcam that produces crystal-clear images. This is great for a remote working lifestyle.

10. 2,256 x 1,504 resolution screen

And when it’s time to knuckle work, watch videos, or edit images, you’ll receive a generous resolution screen. The screen also includes 400 nit brightness and 100 % sRGB color gamut, which is ideal for productivity and creativity.

How to make adjustments to the Framework Laptop

Framework has announced that this laptop will be released in summer 2021. Other specifications, such as pricing and pre-order information will be released soon. Keep informed via the official website.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments on this latest launch.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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